Miley “Miles” Smith: Talsbee Art Trade!



Made by Tals

I did an art trade with Tals and this is what she made me! It’s baseleess, too, I am spoiled!! 😀 I love the lil jacket details and her side pouch!!


Celia Evans: The Cutest Pokemon Trainer!



Base is by JuliePM

This is my less focused on Pokemon OC! The whole thing with her is that she’s a pokemon breeder. I show her with all sorts of different Pokemon because of this. Her number one main Pokemon she would ‘adventure’ with outside of her daycare is Glaceon!

Tasha Siren: Fall Dress Style Guide



Snippet of Tasha:

Tasha is the second born to a family of Pyro Elementals. Her parents and older brother are all highly talented with their fire abilities. This unfortunately left Tasha in an awkward spot to try and develop her powers. Any misuse of air around her while her family was practicing their abilities resulted in uncertainty of where their flames would go. Her parents did their best to be understanding of Tasha, but they were not equipped to help her develop her abilities. Her brother Ray would often make fun of her for this. Tasha had a good relationship with both parents, though it felt distant to her.

Tasha Siren: Alien Skirt!



Base by LazyKas

So it sorta just occurred to me I don’t really elaborate on the actual characters! Admittedly, some of my OCs are purely there for the sake of their design. No world, no personality (really), no background.

Tasha isn’t like that, though! I’ve written some stuff with her (think x-men type set up) and my other OC Ray (who has fire powers). My whole idea with them is that their parents were circus performers with fire manipulation abilities. Tasha, however, got air manipulation abilities. There was a strain on her relationship with her family because they were less sure on how to help teach her how to control her powers.

I’m pretty sure I have a lil background set up, somewhere. Maybe I’ll find it before my next Tasha upload!