Jane Doe: A (superfunandamazing) Collab with Bree!



Base is unreleased by Duckie with heavy edits by Bree

Bree and I had a chance to work on a collab together for the Glam! valentines day event. She did all of the hard stuff (LEG FUZZIES! CUTE FACE! ANTLERS!) and I did the clothes/ design. It was a lot of fun and I had a lot of fun being able to work with someone whose dolls I’ve admired so much 🙂

Jane Doe (i know the name is punny, haha) hasn’t really had much elaborated on her, either. Recently in dollchat someone brought up that she was a demale with antlers. And in real life, actual female deers don’t have antlers. In the ‘universe’ I’ve sort of envisioned her species females having larger antlers then the males. The antlers also show a sign a magical ability.


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